Post-Conference Masterclasses – Thursday, 15 August

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The post-conference masterclasses provide attendees with morning and afternoon tea breaks and a 1-hour lunch break allowing for extra networking opportunities and in-depth learning.

The masterclasses start at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00.

09:00 - 17:00
Masterclass A: The essential generative AI toolbox – generative AI mastery 101

This one-day intensive masterclass is designed for leaders who want to learn how to leverage generative AI to achieve their organisational goals.

In this masterclass, you will explore the fundamentals of generative AI, learn how to prepare data, understand neural networks and natural language processing, and discover the power of transformer networks. Through hands-on exercises and interactive discussions, you will develop a clear understanding of how to use generative AI to innovate, create, and transform your business.

This masterclass is ideal for leaders interested in applying generative AI to their organisations, including executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

At the conclusion of this masterclass you will have:

  • Gained a solid understanding of the fundamentals of generative AI and its applications
  • Developed skills in data preparation, including data cleaning, normalisation, and augmentation
  • Understood the principles of neural networks and how to train and optimise them for generative AI
  • Learned the basics of natural language processing, including language modelling, sentiment analysis, and text generation
  • Discovered the power of transformers for generating realistic images, videos, and other types of media

By attending this masterclass you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to identify new growth opportunities, develop innovative products and services, and lead your organisation to success in the era of AI-driven innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to become a generative AI master.

Dr Michael Kollo
Chief Executive Officer
Evolved AI

09:00 - 17:00
Masterclass B: Navigating the regulatory, legal & ethical landscape of generative AI in Australia

Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force, already redefining the parameters of regulatory compliance and legal innovation. This exclusive masterclass is designed especially for business and government leaders, governance and risk management professionals, in-house legal experts & policymakers navigating Australia's intricate landscape of AI law and policy.

By the end of this masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the global and Australian regulatory environment for generative AI, identifying key legal frameworks and ethical considerations
  • Recognise legal and ethical challenges associated with generative AI, including intellectual property rights, privacy laws, and data protection
  • Implement compliance strategies to navigate the complexities of AI regulation effectively, ensuring ethical AI development
  • Engage in policy-making processes related to AI regulation, contributing to the development of fair, transparent, and inclusive legal frameworks
  • Forecast future regulatory trends and prepare for emerging legal challenges in generative AI

Whether you aim to navigate the complexities of AI policy, spearhead strategic legal frameworks in technology, or lead your organisation through the transformative tides of regulatory reform, this masterclass is your portal to mastering generative AI in the legal and regulatory spheres.

Join us to investigate how cutting-edge AI applications can revolutionise your approach to compliance, invigorate policy development, and drive your organisation forward in the era of digital governance. Engage with the forefront of AI regulation and take away the insights needed to ensure your strategies are as innovative as they are compliant, setting a new benchmark for business excellence and success.

James Myint
Founding Partner
Stirling & Rose