Advisory Board

Quest Events would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the official event advisory panel who contributed their valuable time and expertise to ensure the agenda for this event is timely and relevant for all stakeholders working in the sector.


  • Anycie Barakat
    Head of Generative Design,

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION - Supercharging your business operations through the power of generative AI

    Anycie Barakat is a highly skilled Computational Designer with over 10 years in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Her speciality is in using AI and Generative Design to create web-based digital assessment tools that instantly assess building designs for compliance against specific planning controls.

    Anycie teaches contemporary design software in the Architecture & Planning industry with a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) from University of Technology, Sydney. She has guest lectured, presented and tutored architectural and computational design at universities worldwide and her work regarding predictive urban analytics and generating urban form has been published in multiple international journals.

  • David Cyrus
    Head of APAC Marketing, Staffbase

    Session: Masterclass B - How to use generative AI to increase your marketing and communications ROI

    David Cyrus serves as the Head of APAC Marketing at Staffbase, the world's leading internal communications platform, which is currently implementing generative AI to augment both internal and external communications. In addition, David is the CEO & Co-founder of Edukado AI, the creator of the AI text detection tool, AICheatCheck.

    Previously, David held the position of Director of Marketing at Faethm AI, a Sydney-based Australian AITech firm that specialized in predictive AI solutions to help enterprises and governments prepare for the workforce impact of AI. At Faethm AI, a leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP), David honed his knowledge and understanding of large language models.

    An early adopter of AI in marketing since 2020, David has effectively utilized generative AI, including GPT-2, GPT-3, DALL-E, Midjourney, and other text-to-image models, to create diverse marketing content, such as blogs, social media posts, landing pages, and websites. David advocates for AI to automate and augment marketers' workflows, removing mundane tasks and enhancing creativity and strategy.

    David holds an MBA with a specialisation in strategic marketing and digital business model strategy, as well as a Certificate in Business Communication.

  • Dr Michael Kollo
    Chief Executive Officer, Evolved Reasoning

    Session: Unlocking the secrets of generative AI to make the most of this generational technological change

    An executive business leader with global financial services and deep technology management experience Dr. Kollo has deep subject matter expertise in quantitative finance, asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management, as well as economic forecasting.

    Dr. Kollo is an analytical and thoughtful people leader with a passion for mentoring and bringing aligning to high performing teams.

  • Mariella Mejia
    Chief Marketing Officer (former), Meadow Labs

    With a career spanning across Europe, Australia and the United States, Mariella has comprehensive marketing and emerging tech experience globally.

    Her true love for seeing businesses transform through digital led her to create her own growth marketing agency. Since then she's worked with over 90 brands in 8 years and sold out large scale events, luxury cars, wine, beer, festivals, cosmetics and been called to "white label" for global marketing agencies.

    In her role as the Chief Marketing Officer of Meadow Labs, she creates, shapes and delivers consumer obsessed, multi-channelled go-to-market strategies to capitalise on the strategic growth opportunities in the meteoric blockchain and NFT realm

  • Kellie Nuttall
    Artificial Intelligence Lead, Australia, Deloitte

    Kellie leads Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence offering and is passionate about working with organisations to turn complex data into rich insights, as well as embedding AI and cognitive technologies into business and government to deliver a better world. Kellie is a leading expert in understanding how to best use AI, digital twins and other emerging technologies to optimise complex operational systems and value chains. She also works extensively with organisations to design their AI operating models to best deliver high value business benefits and outcomes. Kellie is a faculty member at Singularity University, where she helps to create better transport systems through exponential technologies.

    Kellie previously worked at the Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD) where she led transport planning and the application of advanced analytics to support evidence-based decision making. She has a PHD in consumer decision making and nudge psychology.