Conference Day Two - Wednesday, 14 August

Welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Sandhya Iyer
General Manager – Data Science

Identifying, creating & implementing the right AI projects
Aligning strategic business goals to create the right generative AI pilots
  • Navigating beyond the technical proof of concept to harness generative AI’s full potential
  • Organising targeted ideation workshops to bring together business leaders and AI experts to generate use case ideas aligned with strategic business goals
  • Enhancing the pilot's ability to address real-world challenges and opportunities to ensure solutions are both technically sound and business relevant

Dr Rachna Gandhi
Chief Transformation, Digital & Data Officer
Ramsay Health Care

Exploring the transformative potential of using agile methodologies in the lifecycle of your generative AI projects
  • Facilitating rapid prototyping to enable quicker transition from ideas to tangible prototypes
  • Implementing iterative testing and refinement phases to integrate continuous feedback and promote continuous learning to meet the user’s needs
  • Focusing on delivering Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to empower decision makers to identify high-impact generative AI applications

Matthew Altenburg
Data Scientist
Attorney-General's Department

Real advancement or misleading hype?
FIRESIDE CHAT: Is generative AI stifling creativity or unlocking genuine areas of new potential?
  • Critics argue reliance on AI dampens original thought and innovation, reducing human input to mere oversight. Proponents, however, see AI as a catalyst for creativity, automating mundane tasks to free up human minds for more complex creative thinking.
  • This discussion explores whether generative AI serves as a tool for enhancing creativity or impedes genuine innovation in the business world.

Facilitated by:

Sandhya Iyer
General Manager – Data Science

Special Guest:

Dr Michael Kollo
Chief Executive Officer
Evolved AI

Morning tea and networking
Unmasking AI washing to support genuine innovation
  • Understanding the impact of "AI washing" on distinguishing between genuine AI advancements and misleading hype for better investment decisions
  • Highlighting the importance of scepticism towards overhyped AI claims to channel resources into ground-breaking AI technologies and solutions
  • Learning from history to avoid the pitfalls of the dot-com bubble by fostering a culture of authenticity and substantive innovation in the AI sector

Dr Angel Zhong
Associate Professor of Finance
RMIT University


Using multi-modal generative AI for customer & business success
Building customer personalisation at scale with multi-modal generative AI
  • Creating engaging, culturally resonant, and language-inclusive content strategies with generative AI
  • Analysing customer data to generate personalised content to enhance customer engagement and loyalty
  • Employing AI-powered translation and data analysis tools to interpret and adapt content across multiple languages

Ben Coughlin
Chief Customer Operations Officer

Three C's of Generative AI & Knowledge Work Automation

Kevin Leong
Partner Account Manager

Networking lunch
Harnessing multi-modal generative AI for business breakthroughs
  • Using multi-modal generative AI to inspire and develop innovative products and services catering to new and emerging market demands
  • Automating holistic business operations to increase operational efficiency and develop more reliable business processes
  • Leveraging multi-modal generative AI to analyse and enhance the user’s experience

Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama
Director – AI Assurance and Responsible AI
Centre for Sustainable AI

Generative AI showcase

The generative AI showcase features rapid-fire 10-minute sessions where AI experts and solutions providers will present emerging technologies that offer a glimpse into the future of AI.

These showcases are reserved for subject matter experts. If you wish to sponsor one of these sessions, please contact Milad Etemadi on

Meaningful human oversight and the next generation of generative AI
Amplifying value creation through the fusion of human expertise and generative AI
  • Establishing clear, actionable generative AI goals to ensure initiatives actually drive corporate ambitions forward
  • Developing cross-functional teams to ensure initiatives are well-rounded, practical, and aligned with the user's end needs
  • Implementing a framework of continuous project evaluation to ensure your projects remain adaptable and responsive

Bijal Sejpal
Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Generative AI - Group Data, Analytics & AI
QBE Insurance

Afternoon tea and networking
Examining meaningful human oversight in the AI age: steering generative AI towards responsible innovation
  • Understanding how human intuition, ethics and contextual understanding  steer AI developments towards more responsible, inclusive, and innovative outcomes
  • Implementing human reviews of AI-generated content to identify and correct errors to meet quality and accuracy standards
  • Engaging human oversight to scrutinise and AI develop socially responsible AI, which respects cultural diversity and ethical principles

Dr Liming Zhu
Research Director - Software and Computational Systems

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can organisations transform their business processes for scalable growth through generative AI?
  • How can generative AI drive process optimisation and efficiency within businesses?
  • What actionable strategies have proven effective for seamlessly integrating generative AI into existing business workflows?
  • What are some of the more common hurdles businesses face when scaling Generative AI solutions, and how can they be overcome?
  • What emerging trends or technologies should Australian business leaders be aware of?


Sandhya Iyer
General Manager – Data Science


Dr Amy Shi-Nash
Chief Analytics and Data Officer

Tal Bergman
Director – Data and Analytics
Zip Co

Richard Savoie
Chief Executive Officer

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Generative AI Summit 2024