Conference Day One - Tuesday, 13 August

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Artak Amirbekyan
Head of Data, AI and ML


The immediate future of generative AI
Shifting horizons: the dynamic evolution of generative AI and its corporate implications
  • Chronicling the rapid evolution of generative AI technology to identify emerging opportunities and areas for investment
  • Assessing how changes in generative AI influence business models and operations
  • Projecting future disruptions of generative AI to prepare for the next waves of change

Dr Michael Kollo
Chief Executive Officer
Evolved AI

Partner presentation
PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the emerging threats and opportunities in generative AI over the next 6-12 months?
  • How will the evolution of generative AI impact the traditional business sector in the next 6-12 months?
  • What sectors are the most ripe for transformation, and how can businesses innovate to capitalise on the opportunities?
  • What strategic shifts do businesses need to make to more fully integrate advanced generative AI technologies?
  • What ethical considerations should businesses prioritise to ensure responsible AI use?


Artak Amirbekyan
Head of Data, AI and ML


Dr Nandita Sharma
Director – Data Products and Cloud
Australian Taxation Office

Susan Gibson
Head of Data Analytics and AI
University of Technology Sydney

Lieutenant Colonel Adam J. Hepworth, PhD
Technical Director – Artificial Intelligence
Australian Army

Jeremiah Mannings
Founder and Managing Partner

Morning tea and networking
Enhancing generative AI with strong infrastructure foundations
Implementing bias evaluation to ensure ethical generative AI
  • Exploring methods and tools for assessing and mitigating bias in AI datasets and models to adhere to ethical standards
  • Integrating popular standards and frameworks to guide the development of unbiased and responsible AI applications
  • Demonstrating how ethical considerations in AI can lead to more inclusive and effective solutions, impacting businesses and society positively


Navigating the landscape of large language models to gain a strategic advantage
  • Understanding how different LLMs can align with your company's strategic goals and operational requirements
  • Employing a framework to evaluate performance metrics of various LLMs against your specific needs
  • Implementing best practice for navigating ethical considerations and regulatory compliance associated with LLM deployment

Rowan Braham
Principal Engineer – Artificial Intelligence
Laing O’Rourke

Networking lunch
Revolutionising industries: the impact of large language models across sectors
  • Examining how LLMs are transforming various sectors and opening up new opportunities for enhancement
  • Exploring the different applications of LLMs across sectors and how they set the stage for future improvements in industry practices
  • Discussing how LLMs are being used in healthcare, banking, transportation and construction

Rita Arrigo
Strategic Engagement Manager
CSIRO National AI Centre

Generative AI showcase

Presentation #1: How Gen AI Adds Value for Knowledge Workers


Chris Smith
Senior Manager, Partner Sales APAC

Brandon Hegh
Manager, Partner Support APAC

The generative AI showcase features rapid-fire 10-minute sessions where AI experts and solutions providers will present emerging technologies that offer a glimpse into the future of AI.

These showcases are reserved for subject matter experts. If you wish to sponsor one of these sessions, please contact Milad Etemadi on

Developing scalable, robust and centralised AI infrastructure through machine learning platforms
  • Implementing proven methods and insights to improve the performance and adaptability of machine learning (ML) platforms
  • Advancing ML platforms for centralised management
  • Improving collaboration and resource optimisation among teams to accelerate deployment cycles through a streamlined ML platform

Julianna Bodzan
Principal Advisory Director – AI
Info Tech Research Group

Mitigating risk and building trust by creating data & AI governance structures
  • Examining the core areas required to build foundational data and AI governance structures and capabilities
  • Incorporating continuous AI risk education and scenario planning to equip your team to anticipate and address potential AI inaccuracies
  • Measuring outcomes and effectiveness

Su Jella
Top 25 Analytics Leaders, Vice President
Women’s Tennis Foundation

Afternoon tea and networking
Fortifying your defences in the era of Generative AI
Mastering generative AI risk exposures in a time of disruption
  • Analysing the key areas of risk exposure in generative AI, including data privacy, model biases, intellectual property challenges, and security threats
  • Preparing strategies for risk mitigation, including governance frameworks, ethical AI principles, and robust security protocols
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks and staying ahead of global AI standards

Akanksha Wangnoo
Executive - Data Risk and Governance

PANEL DISCUSSION: Navigating the opportunities and challenges of Generative AI in cyber security
  • How can generative AI create summaries of security incidents to enhance efficiency and decision-making processes?
  • How can cyber attackers utilise generative AI to bypass current security measures, and how can we use generative AI to counteract the threat?
  • How can generative AI be deployed in cyber security practices without compromising ethical & privacy standards?


Artak Amirbekyan
Head of Data, AI and ML


Nathan Morelli
Head of Cyber Security and IT Resilience
SA Power Networks

Closing remarks from the Chair & end of Day 1
Networking Drinks